Sciurus Sciurus is a collection of useful aspects to

  • monitor execution runtimes of methods
  • lock method executions
  • cache method results
  • retry method executions on exceptions

General Usage

You need to include Sciurus as dependeny and declare it as an aspect library in the aspectj-maven-plugin.

  1. Include Sciurus as dependency

  2. Include aspectj-maven-plugin and define Sciurus as aspectLibrary


Use Case Examples

There are a number of possible use cases for each aspect.


  • Notify a monitoring application
  • Find bottlenecks
  • Test the speed of a new software version before deploying it in production
  • Store execution times (e.g. in a database) and
    • see how they evolve over time
    • see runaway values
    • monitor them through a MBean


  • Caching (surprise!)
  • Facade for various caches which can be exchanged with merely little code changes


  • Prevent multiple storing (e.g. in databases)
  • Prevent multiple execution of long running or high cpu consuming methods (e.g. in combination with @Cache)


  • Retry storing entities into the database due to locking exceptions
  • Retry a failed connection to a web service
  • Retry a method which may lead to some random or temporary incidents

More information and example

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