Coalitions - Wahl-O-Mat Bundestag Election 2021

Koalitionen - Wahl-O-Mat Bundestagswahl 2021


This extension can be easily installed via the Chrome Web Store entry!


This browser extension adds possible coalitions to the Wahl-O-Mat for the Bundestag election 2021.

The positions of the coalitions are calculated based on the answers of the parties and their share in the respective coalition.

When selecting the parties, the user can also select some possible coalitions. This enables the user to check how a coalition possibly positions to the respective theses.

In addition, it is possible to see for each coalition how the statements of the parties involved match the calculated coalition statement.


  • Presentation of the coalitions in the results screenshot1

  • Brief description of how the parties position to the calculated coalition statement screenshot2

  • Justification of the coalition with all parties involved and their justifications screenshot3

  • Choice of parties with highlighted coalitions screenshot4


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Marcel Carlé
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