Master thesis: Improving Vehicle Diagnostics in Service Stations with Wearable Devices


The master thesis at hand focuses on the integration of wearable devices in vehicle diagnostics in order to support the mechanics. The wearable devices are setup in such a way that they display the diagnostic data of the vehicle in real time. Furthermore, they make the data accessible for the mechanic in any situation. To implement this process, two software products of the company DSA Daten- und Systemtechnik GmbH Aachen needed to be extended by a client-server-architecture. Additionally, the wearable devices had to be integrated into the diagnostic process as remote displays. For the implementation it was of great importance to design the integration process of wearable devices into the existing diagnostic procedures as easy as possible to make it easily extendable for future devices. The implemented concept was tested in two examples using the Google Glass.

Unterstützung der Fahrzeugdiagnose in Werkstätten durch Wearable Devices
Marcel Carlé
Marcel Carlé
Software Developer

My developing interests include cloud computing, DDD, event sourcing, and serverless architectures.